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Welcome to Clifton

Welcome to Clifton

Home to Millionaire’s Row, the fashionable suburb of Clifton is one of the most affluent suburbs on the West Coast. The exclusive residential area offers glorious uninterrupted ocean views and is close to four spectacular swimming beaches.
Clifton is perfect for those who want luxury accommodation accompanied by glorious views, an unbeatable beach location and convenient access to the main attractions the city has to offer.

Why Stay in Clifton?

These days Clifton has become such an attraction with tourists it is considered to be a tiny slice of Monaco on the southern edge of Africa. It plays host to a gorgeous coastline and includes some of the most expensive real estate in South Africa.

Invite Your Family and Friends

Clifton is a friendly and secure place, ideal for enjoying a vacation with your whole family or getting away with a group of close friends. There are plenty of hotspots to visit and fun activities to fulfill the day until the sun goes down over a breath-taking horizon.

What Does Clifton Have to Offer?

Majestic Views and a Variety of Beach Activities

Clifton is home to the rich and famous and has long been one of South Africa’s most affluent suburbs. And it’s no wonder as visitors to the area can enjoy the haven of international jet-setters and bronzed bodies located on the pristine beaches at any given time.
Yachts adorn the turquoise ocean waters and it is also a popular site for those who enjoy beach activities such as kayaking, surfing, paddle boarding and paragliding.

Luxurious Holiday Villas

Clifton is fondly regarded as one of the most beautiful parts of Cape Town and here at Clifton Self-Catering we ensure you receive every benefit available to allow for the most idyllic holiday accommodation possible.
Our charming beach bungalows fuse architectural splendor with stunning decor, all while sheltered by the cleverly constructed boulder walls that protect against wind from Cape Town’s South-Easter.
Contact us today to secure a luxurious holiday villa in Clifton.